Memorial Ornamentation

Ornamentation is the first step of personalising your chosen memorial stone.

Designs fall within many categories, and we have a large collection for you to choose from. We have selected a few designs within each pricing bracket to give you an idea of what is possible.

Our most simple designs are computer sandblasted and are included within the cost of the memorial stone. Our more complex designs are slightly more detailed and require sandblasting and finishing by hand.

These designs are priced individually based upon the scale or complexity of the design and subsequent time to reproduce each design on your memorial stone. This also applies to our coloured designs.

For a full and detailed selection of ideas please see our catalogues in your nearest branch. Alternatively, we offer a fully bespoke service, where our expert design team will produce ornamentation designs from your own specifications.

aerum lilly carnations chrysanthemums corn double rose  lilly of valley  snowdrops  tulip  window + column  thistle


car football


horse flower

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