G R Pinder Scarborough


G R Pinder has been the main Memorial supplier in the Scarborough region since 1972. From 1993 J Rotherham effectively acquired the business and continued its success.

The shop is located in Manor Road right next to the older cemeteries in Scarborough and only a short distance away from Woodlands Cemetery, the main cemetery.

The showroom is run by one of our long standing Masons who continues to carry out machine cut lettering on site from his workshop. With over 30 years’ experience he is able to advise on what is allowed in the local churchyards and cemeteries and is also able to assist our customers who are looking at renovating older memorials.

Here at J.Rotherham, family values lie at the heart of all we do. We like to make sure that ordering a memorial from us is an easy and gentle process which helps our customers through a hard and overwhelming time in their lives.

G.R. Pinder,

Manor Road,
YO12 7RT

Tel: 01723 373 712

Opening Hours:
Mon: 8am-4pm
Tues: 9am-4pm
Wed: 8am-4pm
Thurs: 8am-4pm
Fri: 9am-4pm
Sat: 9am-3pm



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